Determine your initial password
Your initial password is automatically generated when you join the company.

If you know your personnel number please read below. Then log into the Employee Portal with the initial password If you don‘t know your personnel number, ask your local HR department or reset your password via e-mail. Please click here

How to build your initial password if you know your personnel number The intitial password consists of:
the last three digits of your personnel number (without check digit)
  • the first letter of your surname (in capitals, no Umlauts -> Ä becomes A)
  • your year of birth


This initial password is valid only once and must be changed to your own password the first time you log in. While making this change, you will also be asked to define a password question and corresponding answer.

The initial password for external employees is START. If you reset your password it will be changed to START again.

You should never write your personal password down because this increases the risk that someone else might see it.
You can only protect your personal data against misuse if you keep your password secret.